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Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

After a lot of work, we have transitioned to a new website platform. This new platform offers a different organization of our website as well as some great new features we hope you will use and enjoy. Much of the areas are for members only.  For those that are current members, your membership information has been migrated over to the new platform including when your membership expires.  Please note that your username and encrypted password were not migrated over for security reasons.  

You should have received or will receive an email from the system asking you to come to our new website and create your login credentials.  You will need to create a unique username and a "Strong" password.  In the process of logging in for the first time, you will have the option of "Remember Me".  Checking that option will reduce how often you have to login on a particular device.  Membership renewals will also be easier on this new platform.

Member Photo Albums

Current members can now create their own photo albums and upload photos that they have taken to them.  You can decide if only members can see them or if everyone can see them when you create the albums.  To access this area, once you are logged in, go to your profile by clicking your name on the top-right of the page and select Profile.  There you will see various types of information and you want the Website area and click Photo Albums.  Add a photo album, give it a name, give it a short menu name (this is how it will be listed on the menu), and select who can see it.  Now you have the start of your first photo album.  Images are resized to a maximum of 1024 x 1024 pixels automatically.  You can always go back in to edit info, add more photos or even delete them.  You cannot upload anything that is protected by copyright.  Uploading copyrighted material without permission is not permitted and can cause your photo albums to be deleted without warning.  Photo Albums will display in the Photo Albums menu item under Members (members area) or Membership (for non-members or members not logged in).

Mobile App Available Now!
We have now made available a members only mobile application that you will be able to download for Apple iOS devices thru the Apple App Store and for Android OS devices thru the Google Play Store.  The mobile app is not required to have or use to be a member.  But it will have features that can make your membership more complete and communication between members much easier.  The mobile app and the website are fully linked,  so your login information is exactly the same.  Once you login the first time using the mobile app, you will also have the "Remember Me" option.  Checking that option and you won't have to enter your login info again unless you disable it at some point or get a new device.  Best of all the mobile app is free to download.

Going Forward
The website will have more updates and features that are or will become available in the future.  The platform is always improving and adding new options.  There may be times when a new feature is added and later removed.  This is usually because it was not liked or used by the membership.  In the end is is all about our members and and the cycling community at large.

New Payment Processing
We have setup our merchant (payment processing) account with AuthorizeNet for a fully secure and PCI compliant payment system that accepts all major credit cards.  With this new system, you can now have the option to have your membership as an annual subscription that will automatically renew each year on on your renewal date. 

Shipping Options Now Available
Please review the shipping options before choosing one.  You will see a button like the one below with each clothing item in the store.  Clicking it will open the info page so you can review them before selecting properly.

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